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100 Images in 100 Days Challenge for Gloucestershire Deaf Association

Posted on January 16th, 2019

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There are two things that I am passionate about, photography and giving to others. To combine these two, I have decided to sign up to the Gloucestershire Deaf Association’s (GDA) anniversary challenge and will be capturing 100 landscape images in just 100 days.

This year the GDA is 100 years old and they are looking for 100 people to take part in their fund-raising event and raise some money for this much loved and local charity. They support adults, children and families that are hard of hearing or deaf by providing both specialist services and community activities throughout the Gloucestershire area. Their aim is to make life for those with hearing problems more equal within society and to improve their daily lives. This could be through providing them with specialist equipment or giving them access to communities of people from similar backgrounds.

The Gloucestershire area has many incredible landscapes that can be enjoyed and that take on a difference appearance throughout the year as the light catches the area in different ways depending on the season. Landscapes have always been highly evocative and are capable of producing incredible emotions within in. This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy landscape photography so much.

If you would donate a little towards my £500 target to help the charity support more adults and children with deafness you can do so by visiting my just giving page at

Thank you for supporting me and the Gloucestershire Deaf Association.