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The Story So Far………….

Born November 1979 I grew up in Kent, South East England. I was never much of an academic child. I loved sports, the outdoors, and consider myself fortunate to grow up in an era before Playstations, mobile phones and all the modern tech that distracts todays children. I was terrible at Art but I will always remember one lesson where we were given a camera and allowed to roam the school grounds taking photos. I was hooked. A camera was a luxury item back then and it would be years later that I’d own my first SLR. And by that time we had gone guns blazing in to the digital age.

Throughout my teens and early twenties photography remained a sideline to sports, beer festivals, girls and generally bumberling my way through life. I wound up in various office jobs and soon my twenties had vanished and it was almost time to grow up. As I settled in to my thirties I worked as a Sales Rep, driving around the South of England selling bathroom products. One cold morning in the shower, I’d had enough, I needed change. A big change.

Leaving the UK behind I jetted off to South East Asia with no idea of what I would find or what I might do. I’d always had a small fear of the ocean. On holidays I was never fully comfortable swimming in the sea. That fear of not knowing what was beneath your feet. Treading on something slimy or sharp. So I decided to address this fear and try scuba diving.

Two years later I was a dive instructor, diving everyday in the Gulf of Thailand.

Still hiding in the background was this love for photography but this was a time when video was key. Go pro’s were now everywhere and people wanted footage of themselves being active. So I took a professional underwater videography course. I then proceeded to work for the company who trained me, making videos of new divers. And shortly after that I was given the opportunity to buy said company. So I did.

Owning a videography company on a tropical island in paradise was a dream. I loved it. But with every dream there is a time to wake up. After a couple more years, living on a tiny island the walls started to close in and combined with a period of ill health the reality was clear, it was time to head home.

On returning to the UK with no plan. It was time for Photography to step forward. For too long it had sat on the sideline waiting to be picked. And to be honest I have no idea as to why I had ignored its calling all this time. So today its about combining the things I enjoy. The outdoors, photography, travel and people.

The rest has yet to be written.

Steve Mac